Rooster/Gallo (Libro Tigrillo) por Jorge Elias Lujan

Rooster/Gallo (Libro Tigrillo) por Jorge Elias Lujan
Titulo del libro : Rooster/Gallo (Libro Tigrillo)
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 1, 2004
Autor : Jorge Elias Lujan
Número de páginas : 24
ISBN : 088899558X
Editor : Groundwood Books

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Jorge Elias Lujan con Rooster/Gallo (Libro Tigrillo)

The song of the rooster draws forth the universe and gives way to the dance of beings and objects as day draws its first brilliant breath. This book is so supremely simple that a baby can delight in it, and yet so complex that an adult reader can find joy in the poem and beautiful images over and over again. Jorge Lujan dreamed this myth and, when he wrote it, understood that the rooster is the poet of the day. Manuel Monroy dipped his pen in the ink of the night and, when he withdrew it, found it was spangled with stars. The poem in this delightful picture book is bilingual, printed in both English and Spanish.