Hospitality Business Development por Ahmed Hassanien,Crispin Dale

Hospitality Business Development por Ahmed Hassanien,Crispin Dale
Titulo del libro : Hospitality Business Development
Autor : Ahmed Hassanien,Crispin Dale

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Ahmed Hassanien,Crispin Dale con Hospitality Business Development

Críticas 'This book makes an important contribution to hospitality management theory and practice, and is thereby of value to both academic programs and to industry practitioners. The book clearly encourages critical and analytical thinking and is therefore crucial in the development of reflective practioners.' Prof Conrad Lashley, Emeritus Editor, Hospitality & Society   'This edition of the popular guide to Hospitality Business Development is very welcome for its lucid consideration of business growth and will appeal to both hospitality management students as well as aspiring managers. I particularly like the reader-friendly layout. The many examples used to illustrate major themes in the book, the review questions and additional reading recommendations are especially helpful.' Prof Paul Lynch, Professor of Critical Hospitality and Tourism, UK Reseña del editor Hospitality Business Development analyses and evaluates the different aspects of business growth routes and development processes in the international hospitality industry. It considers the essential features of the strategic business context, in which any hospitality organization operates. Since the first edition, the hospitality industry has evolved significantly with the emergence of new entrants, new technologies and evolved global market structures. This new edition has been updated to reflect these developments in the field and includes: New contemporary topics such as social enterprises, business models, social capital, value proposition, co-creation and the sharing economy. Examples and case studies on hospitality organisations from across the world to demonstrate the globalisation of the hospitality business. A new up-to-date standard for explaining the hospitality business development concept, scope and process. This book equips students and aspiring hospitality managers with the necessary knowledge, expertise and skills in business development. It is a must-read for anyone studying or working in the hospitality industry. Ver Descripción del producto