""Opps and Maybe"": “Tiffany’s Thunderbird” por Marland “Honk” Norton

Titulo del libro : ""Opps and Maybe"": “Tiffany’s Thunderbird”
Autor : Marland “Honk” Norton

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Marland “Honk” Norton con ""Opps and Maybe"": “Tiffany’s Thunderbird”

This story is about Tony Smith, a young man born to a sixteen-year-old Apache girl, Carla Lupe. His father was an African American basketball player from a local college, who did not leave his name. Tony, or “Maybe” as some people called him, was raised by his Apache grandmother on the reservation, until she lost her life in a house fire. After the fire and losing his grandmother, Tony lived for a while with a kind lady and her family. Soon, Tony was told by some of his classmates at school that the people in the Welfare Office would probably come and take him away from that family. Tony then made himself other living arrangements in an old abandoned car body he had found, down by the river. He was found there by a man, “Oops”, who was living in a makeshift shanty that was not too far from Tony’s new home, that old car body.  Like Tony, he was considered an outcast by society because of his deformed body and the way he looked.  Tony came to love this crippled and deformed old man, like a father. Paying his way through college. With the hard work and dedication to play the game of basketball instilled in him the desire to win and to rise above the average man. The story is made up of some very interesting events in the life of those mentioned.This is the Third book in a Series written by Marland "Honk" Norton, the Last of the Southwestern Cowboy Writers. "Honk" coached for many years on the Apache Reservation in San Carlos Arizona and taught at the Ft. Thomas High School, as well as serving as the Basketball Coach of an eleven-time State of Arizona Champion Basketball team.