5 reasons why I want to quit alcohol

So last week it was my birthday, and I had pledged to do 30 days no alcohol. Well I’m going to hold my hands up high, hang my head in shame and say that I failed on day 8, and oh boy did I fail! I can honestly say I feel crap and sluggish this week because of it. I have also somehow managed to put on 7lbs in my birthday week! So much for loosing weight!

So I’ve been thinking about the health benefits of ditching the booze and how it can really have a negative impact our lives. Here are my top 5 reasons for waning to cut down the plonk

1.  Alcohol plays havoc with your moods and mental health

Most people have heard that alcohol is a depressant, but how when it can make you feel so good? The majority of people drink to either celebrate/enhance mood or de-stress/numb mood. Alcohol is able to do this as it effects and changes the chemicals in your brain.

By drinking alcohol regularly it stops dopamine (the happy chemical) being able to be produced naturally, therefore you may need a drink to feel the highs of life that people would feel without the need of a drink.

I have started to notice that if I’ve been drinking, I wake up at 3am with really bad anxiety, I’m then unable to get back to sleep meaning I’m moody and stressed the next day,  I’ll then have a drink in the evening to relax,  and repeat.

2. Its full of empty calories   

All alcohol is absolutely full of calories, which is not good if you’re trying to lose weight like me. And with a hangover the last thing I want to do is go running to burn them off.

A pint of larger can have up to 200 calories in, and cider having up to 220! I know that on a night in town I can easily have 5 ciders which is 2000 extra calories, plus the pizza on the way home.

My regular weekly drinking tots up to around an extra 2500 cals a week. I tried swapping to gin and slim line tonic to save the cals but after a few, I always raid the kitchen cupboards for all the carb filled goodies I can get my hands on.

3. It adds years to appearance

After a heavy night of drinking, my skin is always horrendous. Obviously sleeping in my make up wont help with the matter, which is another reason to give it up! When I wake up my cheeks are rosy, my bags are huge, I have dark circles under my eyes, dry skin around my nose even though it’s as greasy as a chip pan and my entire face is puffy.

Even after a few glasses of wine my skin is crying out for a bit of TLC, which is often a face mask in the bath, oh and a wine on the side :-/ I have done a few short stints of not drinking and my skin after a week looks so much more healthy.

4. It costs a small fortune

I spend roughly £30 a week on booze that’s including the odd glass a the local. If I’m out out then I can spend £50 plus. That adds up to around £1500 a year, minimum. That’s a holiday, a few new wardrobes, a few spa days and more! Adding Karl in to the equation nearly doubles those figures (I drink a bit more than him). If I was to be handed that amount of money in a lump sum there isn’t a cat in hell’s chance I would pee it down the drain.

5. It increases the chances of getting at least 7 types of cancers

I think that’s the scariest of all for me. I only just really found this out this year, I think I may have probably heard it in the background somewhere and chose to ignore it. Everyone knows the risks linked with smoking and cancer but I was shocked to read about how drinking only 3 alcoholic drinks a week can increase your chances of Breast cancer by 15%. When alcohol is broken down in the body, compounds are formed that can directly damage the DNA, which can then lead to cancer.

If that isn’t enough for me wanting to change my alcohol habits then I don’t know what is.

The benefits of drinking alcohol for me?



11 thoughts on “5 reasons why I want to quit alcohol

  1. There are so many reasons to quit, the problem I find it when everyone else is drinking it is too tempting! Try Seedlip if you’re thinking of quitting which creates a fake G&T?

  2. How often do you drink? Every day or once in a blue moon. I enjoy a nice drink once or twice a month but no more. But I will say, the benefits of giving up alcohol are huge.

  3. I drink rarely. I hate the way it makes me feel. Occasionally (at Christmas, on holiday etc) I will partake in a Malibu and Coke or two but that’s about it. I’m a coffee drinker. I hope you get what you want out of quitting.

  4. I used to love having drinks at the weekend but I’m finding as I get older, that the hangovers have gotten way worse so I don’t drink much at all now, generally I try to keep it just to occasions or have the odd night with some wine but I have gotten over the habit of buying wine on my way home from work on Friday night and I feel so much better for it!

  5. I agree with all of this. I’m someone that loves my wine! I’ve been on a forced ban because I was pregnant with my second child and now breastfeeding. I feel so much better for it and honestly don’t think I’ll ever go back to the drinker I was before baby number two! Kat x

  6. I have never been a big drinker, but there are two reasons I dont really drink anymore and they are 5 and 1 haha, I honestly could not handle the next day with two young kids. Although number 5 is more than enough to get me to stop! Thanks and goodluck!

  7. I struggle to quit the booze too. Alcoholisim runs through my family like a train which is why I think its harder for me to quit but so important to do before I develop a major problem.

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