Sep 012018
A day out at Boston Park Farm

Yesterday was officially the last day of the school summer holidays, so we decided to spend ours at Boston Park Farm in Doncaster. It’s a local farm which we visit each year, and every time we have visited it had been developed and improved. This year they have added in a soft play area, which would be great if the weather changes while there.

The animals are really well looked after and each one has a sign saying how old they are, what their name is and facts  and information. Kaydens favourite animal was the alpaca, I loved the donkeys they looked so happy and were really friendly.

There are now two parks at Boston Park Farm, one close to the animals and one further back in a field, next to the maze. Both parks are really good for all ages as they have little bits of apparatus surrounding them. I took 4 children yesterday ages 1, 3, 4 and 5 all of the children were able to enjoy the parks.

They even have a large indoor sandpit, a bouncy castle and a little wooden maze all included in the price.

They also have their real maize maze which costs extra but looks so much fun.

We had such a fun day at Boston Park Farm and will defiantly be returning next year!

Have a look at their website where you can get prices and more info

What did you do for your last day of the holidays? Where is your favourite place to visit on a day out with the kids? Leave a comment below


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