Amazing Autumn Crafts Your Child Will Love

I’m loving all the autumn crafts we have been doing over the past few weeks. I get so excited at all the rich colours of the leaves and hunting for the biggest, shiniest conkers! Here are some fun craft ideas what are simple and easy for your child to enjoy.

Leaf Printing

Get looking for lots of different shape leaves and paint the back of the with autumn coloured paints. Press them on to paper and you can see all of the pretty patterns they make.

Conker Rolling

Get a tray and line with paper. Put  a few blobs of autumn coloured paints on to the paper and drop a few conkers in. Get your little one to tilt the tray from side to side rolling the conkers through the paint. This can also work with baking trays if you don’t have a tray.

Leaf Decorating

This one is super simple. Collect some giant leaves, spread with glue (pva works best) then sprinkle with glitter and sequins. This one makes me feel all christmassy. They can also be laminated and placed on the windows. They look stunning when the sun shines through.

Leaf Hedgehogs

I love this one, it’s really cute. Get your wellies on and collect leaves with spikes on and an acorn for the nose. To get the hedgehog search google images for  ‘hedgehog outline’  and print.  You will also need a googly eye too.

An Autumn collage

Go to your local woods and take a bag with you. You will be amazed at all the beautiful interesting things you will find. When you get home use them to make a collage and talk about all the things you have found.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to get creative with your little ones and make the most out of this gorgeous season


8 thoughts on “Amazing Autumn Crafts Your Child Will Love

  1. Love these ideas! I’d forgotten how fun leaf printing and decorating is. We haven’t done that for quite a while now. We do have a big collection of conkers though, so I think we will have to try out the conker rolling later 🙂

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