Getting ready for autumn

I thinks its safe to say that the wonderful summer we had is now over. It’s not been a gradual transition either! I don’t know about you but I still have some summer clothes at the bottom of the washing pile and jumpers on top.

I absolutely love the autumn months, however it can sometimes have an effect on my moods. I tend to feel a little low and less motivated once the dark nights set in. So this year I’m going to try to embrace the change of seasons to the full. Here’s how:

Stepping outside

While the temperatures may have dropped, the sun it still shining. I’m going to make a real effort to get wrapped up and get some fresh air this autumn. I think getting out and enjoying the changes will help lift my moods and energy levels. I live near a gorgeous park which has lots of conker and chestnut trees. My plan is to go along with the little’s (childminding children) to gather some things for crafts. At the weekend we will go as a family, see who can find the biggest conkers (me!) then maybe visit the cafe for a hot chocolate and cake (naughty treat for the weekend)

A big sort out

I have already made a start on de-cluttering my house and its a bigger job that I first thought. I started this weekend with the utility, thinking it wouldn’t take that long. But when I started, I found a pile of torches I didn’t even know I had, inhalers and other medications 4 years out of date and a bag full of bits and bobs which will be going to the charity shop which took 4 hours to sort out. I’m hoping to make a start on the spare bedroom, wardrobes and dressing table this weekend. Clear house, clear head they say.

Wardrobe update

I’m absolutely loving the new autumn colours what are coming in to the shops. I’ve gone a bit mad on the mustard colour what everyone seems to be wearing. I got these beauties from New look with my birthday money. I have put them with a long sleeve black top, tights and boots.

I also got this jacket from Matalan as it’s not cold enough for a full coat just yet but too cold for a cardigan.

I love shopping, but this last year all of our spare money has gone in to the saving account for our wedding. So it was a nice pick me up to be able to add some statement pieces in to my wardrobe for the new season with gifted money.

Plan for the big man

I know there is still quite a while to go before Christmas and I do think it’s starting to get a bit silly with shops starting to sell Christmas things earlier and earlier. I saw decorations in August this year!

BUT I’m getting a little (a lot) bit excited already.

I think its helps having something to look forward to when you’re getting blasted by freezing winds and drenched by downpours. I have always loved Christmas but even more so now Kayden is at the age where he gets excited too. I feel like there will only be a few years left of him believing so I want to make the most of it.

This year I plan on doing a Christmas eve box again as he loved that. Last year I put in a special book, hot chocolate, and a cookie. This year I think I’m going to add in some cosy pyjamas and bed socks.

His birthday In mid November so I like to get his presents for that first then buy his Christmas ones. However I have started to make a list of things he keeps mentioning, which seems to be endless.

I want to visit another Santa’s grotto this year. We visited one last year and Kayden loved it. They are doing one at Loversall farm where we are holding out wedding night do at this year so will be going there. I’ve also heard Stockeld Park is a must, so we will be going there too.

Hope you’re looking forward to the dark and cosy nights too, whats your favourite things about autumn? Comment below 🙂


11 thoughts on “Getting ready for autumn

  1. Lovely ideas. Autumn is my favourite season but I don’t like having to put the car lights on on the way home from the school run. I think I need a walk in the woods and a bit of a house clearout to compensate too.

  2. I’m a fingers in my ears ‘la la la la’ pretend it’s still summer kind of guy. Being a stay at home dad I’ll be in my ‘dad uniform’ (that’s cargo shorts for the uninitiated) for as long as humanly possible. I wore jeans for the first time today, but only because I was going out with my little man for the evening. I’ll be back in shorts tomorrow 🤣. Long live the summer 😜

    1. Haha, i think all men must be the same. I have an argument with me son every single morning whether it’s short weather or not. ‘OK GOOGLE’ usually decides the winner

  3. I love the Autumn, the crispness and the colours but I also start to feel a little low when the nights draw in. I have already caught a cold so I am going to boost up my vitamin intake. I love the cosy clothes too.

  4. That mustard jacket looks great on you! I really love seeing all the mustard clothes in the shops right now and wish I was brave enough to wear something like that x

  5. Winter is the season that affects my moods because I become a shut in during those cold winter months but I do try to get out and do other things to combat that. I love Autumn myself but I still haven’t taken out my air conditioners. One day it was hot and the next week after it was chilly. I don’t think it has quite registered yet lol!

  6. I love Autumn, my favourite season but totally agree my mood starts to change around this time. Getting out and about and enjoying all the changes in colour certainly helps! Loving your yellow cardigan 🙂 Sim x

  7. I love that you are decluttering! I am trying to do the same just tackling little areas one at a time. Although I couldn’t face a whole room but ever but helps right! I’ve booked our Christmas trip but yet to think about all the other bits. Should do really as it will be here before we know it xx

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