Gifts for a child who doesn’t play with toys

So, its my sons 5th birthday is just around the corner and everyone has been asking what gifts he would like. I have done something quite strange this year and told friends and family not to get him any toys.

No, I’m not being mean, Kayden just does not play with toys and never has done. He is an only child and has never been one to role play with toy figures, pretending their falling from the tower or getting knocked down by the truck. Kayden much prefers crafty activities or family games like guess who or operation.

This makes is quite hard at birthdays and Christmas, in previous years I have asked for family  and friends to get him toys regardless, only for them to remain dormant in his bedroom or to be put in the playroom for my childminded children to make use of.  This seems a huge waste to me, so this year I’ve really had to pick my brains for some ideas, especially as his birthday and Christmas are close together.

Here are some great gifts I’ve come across which are fantastic for children who prefer arts and crafts

Neon Doodle board

This looks super cool. Kayden loves drawing so this adds another element to it. it’s priced around £10.


Anyone who knows Kayden will know he doesn’t like typical boys toys. This is great as he loves to make key rings and little things for his friends at school.  Kayden has great patience and concentration skills so I think he will love this. Priced around £15

Nerf target

Kayden has a few Nerf guns, but gets bored after firing a few at my face and being told off, So when I was this I bought it straight away. It can be used as a 2 player game too, recording your scores, I think the big child of the family will like this too! Priced around £20

Rainbow Science

Kayden is obsessed with watching YouTube videos of experiments so I thought I would get him a kit of his own. Even though it does say 8+ I think he will still be able to get involved and will love seeing the experiments. You can blow a rainbow bubble and even create holograms using your phone. Priced around £20.

Don’t step in it

Well, he is a 5 year old boy after all. I really have to grit my teeth when buying games like this. But it’s what he has asked for and I’ll probably enjoy playing it too, even if it will be at 7am on a Sunday morning.  Priced around and eye watering £20

SmART Projector

This looks fantastic, I cant wait to have a play about with it (it does say from ages 5 to 105!) It connects with your phone and projects any photo down on to the paper so your able to draw it! There are cheaper versions available which project pre printed templates down, but I thought this would be great for Kayden to enjoy when he is a bit older too! it’s priced around £65

I hope this gives you some ideas of what you could buy for children who don’t like the typical role play toys and figures


13 thoughts on “Gifts for a child who doesn’t play with toys

  1. The projector is something my 11 year old would love to have. He’s the artist in the family and just loves drawing new things and trying new techniques with drawing. You just gave me a great idea for his upcoming birthday. And I think its great that your little one is more interested in these things than in toys. He is still being creative with his play, just in a different way 🙂

  2. My daughter seems to be more of an adventure games type, so I think she will love the ‘Don’t step on it’. Glad you figured what he loves and are building him on it, xx. Happy Birthday to him in advance

    1. I think it would. Its a bit like a magnadoodle with the added effect. However I do think it comes with real makers so watch out lol

  3. Have you tried Hama beads? My kids will sit for hours doing those. Some lovely ideas here – I always much prefer to buy toys like this that actually involve doing or making something.

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