Irene’s Ghost- An award winning film about Postpartum Psychosis

2018 has been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least!

I have crawled from under my rock and spoken out about the mental illness I had after giving birth to my son in 2013, postpartum psychosis.

I have been overwhelmed with support from everyone and it blew my mind to actually meet other women who have also experienced postpartum psychosis.

As if that wasn’t enough have had the absolute privilege see a pre-release viewing of Irene’s Ghost, a film that is so close to my heart.

Irene’s Ghost, is a insightful feature documentary of a man named Iain Cunningham, whose mother died when he was just three years old.

The true reason why she died was never fully explained to him and his family swept it under the carpet.

Iain knew there was something being hidden about his mother’s death, so he decided to look in to it further.

Iain Cunningham, whose occupation was already a director, decided to film his discovery of what really happened making it in to a documentary.

Iain’s family were reluctant to talk about what had exactly happened, and he was getting mixed messages from different people. This made him even more determined to know and by delving in further and tracking down old friends of his mother and searching through medical records he discovered something shocking.

Iain’s mother had sadly suffered from postpartum psychosis.

Irene’s Ghost is heart wrenching, thought-provoking and surprisingly humorous in places. It highlights the stigmas about mental illness and shows the devastating effect it can have.

The way it is filmed, it draws you right in to the room with Iain and you sit beside him on his discovery. Watch the trailer below.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Iain at the volunteers event day in Birmingham. He is so passionate about his documentary, mental illness and breaking the stigma.

I am so pleased that Iain was brave enough to make his discovery in to a documentary as it was happening. Hopefully it will help other families talk about mental illnesses especially postpartum psychosis if they have been effected and not feel ashamed or alone. 

The film is set to be released in May 2019 and has already been nominated for awards, including a British Independent Film Award so keep your eyes peeled!


7 thoughts on “Irene’s Ghost- An award winning film about Postpartum Psychosis

  1. I had PPD both times round, and met a lady in my CBT group who had also had PPS and was a mentor to some of the mums. She was amazing, and her story was hard to hear. This sounds worth watching, and amazing, to raise awareness. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I can’t wait for the movie to be released, he really is brave. His Mom would have been one happy woman knowing what her son went through just to raise awareness for PPP

  3. I am so pleased that this condition is getting more and more exposure! So sad to read about Iain’s story, will definitely watch out for the film when it is released in May.

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