Memory Walk 2018

On Sunday 7th of October we took part in the Memory walk at Clumber Park to raise money for the charity Alzheimer’s Society. We set our target at £100 and managed to raise £180. Alzheimers has sadly effected our family and friends so to be able to raise money for a charity close to our hearts was great. The turnout was breathtaking with over 5000 people taking part.

It was an emotional day, especially seeing how many people it effects. Some walkers there had ‘mum and dad’ wrote on their memory sheet. Some walkers had brought along their family members with the disease in wheelchairs to take part. There was a beautiful memory tree where you could put special messages on.


We decided to do the 2k walk as we had Kayden with us and wanted it to be a fun experience for him and not to get too tired. The other option was a 8k walk. Kayden did really well and didn’t even moan about his legs hurting like he usually does after a few steps.

The walk took us around 40 minutes and we felt proud passing the finishing line and getting our medals knowing we have helped raise some money for the charity.

I hope in the future no one will have to suffer with this life snatching and disabling disease, we will be doing it again next year.


9 thoughts on “Memory Walk 2018

  1. Well done for raising so much for such a brilliant cause. This walk sounds like a wonderful event, I love that people were bringing their family memebers along who have been effected by the disease too, it must have been a very emotional but inspiring day xx

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