Next up it’s OUR big day

This year we have attend three beautiful weddings, the last one being on Sunday. It’s now time to start pulling everything together for our wedding in July next year.

Though the most important things (venue and dress) have been sorted but it didn’t quite go to plan at first.

We originally planned to get married in a church. We put our deposit down and attended our first session (of 12!) After one session I said to Karl that I don’t feel comfortable in saying religious words when I’m not religious in the slightest. Also during my mental illness I became obsessed with god, therefore saying prayers and other things brought back difficult memories

So we decided against that, loosing our deposit. We then thought about getting married in the barn, where we are having our night do. Only to find out it wasn’t a licensed building, therefore we wouldn’t be officially married until visiting the registrar office 4 days later, meaning having 2 anniversary’s.

I started looking in a panicked state at everywhere and anywhere which would not cost the earth and was local enough to the barn which we had already paid a very large deposit on.

It turned out I had overlooked the most beautiful place which happens to be 5 minutes up the road, Cusworth Hall museum. I have no idea why I didn’t think of there from the start. I visit at least once a week, walk Lexi our chocolate Labrador, go for a run and clear my head and spend family days out here. I love this place and I am over the moon we have decided to make this the place where we get married.

I am wanting a rustic style wedding so when I found this place at Loversall farm, Doncaster, I instantly fell in love, its so romantic and exactly what I was looking for. 

I still have lots of things to plan but so far I have sorted:

  • The ceramony venue (Cusworth hall)
  • The night time venue (Loversall barn)
  • The dress (accidentally while looking at bridesmaid dresses)
  • The cake (My amazing sister it making it)
  • The car
  • The dj
  • The wedding party
  • The caterer
  • The hair

I still need to sort out:

  • The flowers
  • The invatations
  • The wedding favours
  • The suits
  • The photographer
  • The bridesmaid dresses
  • Make up
  • The honeymoon
  • My weight!

I’m sure there will be many more things which crop up along the way.

I cant wait to marry my childhood sweetheart! 304 days and counting, Eeek!


11 thoughts on “Next up it’s OUR big day

  1. Wow looks like an amazing place to get married – lots to sort but I’m sure you will get there – enjoy the journey! I think you did the right thing cancelling the church if you aren’t religious and it has some bad memories.

  2. It’s great fun planning a wedding but it can also be very stressful. It looks as though you have a gorgeous venue for the wedding and the reception. Hope the rest of your planning goes well. There are loads of lovely ideas on Pinterest for Rustic weddings and they all look so pretty.

  3. Oh, how exciting. What a 304 days you’re going to have. You seem very organised already and have many of the big things sorted. The rest will easily fall into place too. Reading your post has transported me back 8 years and getting ready for my own wedding. Happy memories. Good luck with everything!

  4. I am so jealous, that barn looks amazing, exactly what I would love. Still engaged 6 years later, haven’t saved a penny as all our income goes on rent and nursery, waaaaaa – I hope you have an amazing day. I live my dream through everyone else haha!! xx

  5. Oh SO exciting!!! I loved planning my wedding, I had so much fun doing it and then the day was so special as we had put so much into it together. The venue looks so pretty, your love your day so much!

  6. That venue looks absolutely gorgeous! I am sure you will have such an amazing day. We need to get married but I just can’t justify the expense… I think we will end up eloping.

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