Review: Alcohol free drinks

Over the past few months I have been looking at my drinking habits and wanting to change them.

I’ve found alcohol free drinks are a great alternative for those nights when you would usually pick up a glass of wine to chill out. I recently made and order from The wise bartender, which is an online store that only sells alcohol free drinks. They sell lots of different varieties of alcohol free drinks including beers, ciders, ales and spirits.

As part of Alcohol awareness week 2018 I have put this post together. Here are my opinions on the alcohol free drinks I have tried.

Teetotal G’n’T 0%ABV

I was super excited to try this as my favourite tipple is a gin and tonic. This is made from natural ingredients and botanicals. I did enjoy this but found it lacked the flavour it promised and did taste very similar to plain tonic. It only has 52 calories per bottle! it’s priced at £1.99 for a small 200ml bottle. *RATING 2/5*

Westons Stowford press 0.5%ABV

This really surprised me, it was delicious, refreshing and not too sweet. Its Matured in old oak vats giving it a depth of flavour. This 330ml bottle has 89 calories and is priced at £1.69 which I think is great value. This would be great as an alternative at bbq’s or celebration events. *RATING 4/5*

Bees Knees sparkling rose 0% ABV

I loved this! I saved it for a special occasion as you get the pop of the bottle like you would with champers. I have tried a few alcohol free wines and have found they are like fizzy grape juice and far too sweet. Bees Knees is made using green tea, has lots of flavour and doesn’t make you pucker your lips with sweetness. At just 65 calories for a large glass as opposed to around 165 in alcoholic rose its a great swap for those watching their weight. Its priced at £4.99 a bottle, which does seem a tad expensive but you really can taste the quality *RATING 5/5*

Pistonhead Flat tire 0.5% ABV

I was expecting a lot from this, living up the to eye-catching design on the can. However it unfortunately lived up to its name instead and was indeed a little flat. It had a great aroma but the taste did not really come through.  It only has 64 calories per can and costs around £1.70 per 330ml RATING 2/5

Rocktails Orangewood Spritz 0%ABV

This was amazing! Its flavours include blood orange with juniper berries, along with cascarilla bark. It has a strange smoky undertone with a note of zesty orange hitting your taste buds. They also do another flavor, citrus spritz which I’m eager to try. This one is only 38 calories per 250ml bottle and priced around £2.20 RATING 5/5

ZeroPointZero White sparkling brut 0%ABV

This is new from Aldi, they also do a pink version which I have yet to try. I thought this was OK, it was a little sweeter than the Bees Knees but still not too bad. I did find that I had to drink it quite quick though as when the fizz died down it did just taste like grape  juice, albeit nice grape juice. I loved the fact I could still pop a cork and enjoy a drink while cooking Sunday lunch without ending up slightly tipsy and burning the parsnips. This is only 35 calories per serving and a fantastic £2.49 per bottle. RATING 4/5

BREWDOG Nanny State Ale 0.5% ABV

I’ve defiantly saved the best till last here. This is awesome! Its packed full of rich, deep and hoppy flavours and is super smooth but with a bitter aftertaste. If you’re a fan of ale then this seriously will not disappoint. It has 26 calories per 100ml and is priced around £1.99 per 330ml RATING 5/5

If you’re looking to cut down or stop drinking alcohol, but still want to enjoy a ‘grown up’ drink then there are lots of choices out there and more coming on to the market all the time. Click here to have a look at the Wise bartender and use the code WISE5 for 5% discount.


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