Review: Little Elf Ray Saves the day

Were getting really excited for Christmas now and have been watching everything Christmas related including cartoons, movies, music videos and crap YouTube clips of 35 year old women opening their presents from Santa, putting on a squeaky voice and saying “oh my god, that’s so amazing” over and over again.

We always save the really good movies until a few days before Christmas, like Polar Express or A Christmas Carol. So when we was asked to review a Christmas book I jumped at the chance as it was different from the norm.

Little Elf Ray Saves The Day is a children’s picture book written by Ross Hammond and illustrated by Semih Akgul.

Kayden loves this book. It’s about a little elf who feels like he doesn’t fit in as he is the smallest elf in the North Pole. But one day something happens which could mean Christmas is cancelled. Little Elf Ray comes to the rescue and is super brave, helping Santa to be able to deliver his presents at Christmas.

This book is really sweet and shows, just because your small, doesn’t mean you can’t do big things.

At the end of the book there is a lovely magical surprise for you and your child to enjoy.

You can get a copy from amazon by clicking HERE

We were sent the book for free to review. All opinions are my own.



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