Review: VIANEK Normalising face mask

I love a good face mask pamper session, it makes me feel refreshed and happy. So when I was sent this mask to review I was super excited.


Its a great mask for skin which is prone to blemishes and if you suffer from shine on the T-zone like I do. It’s made using green clay and detoxifying active charcoal.

It went on lovely and didn’t take too long to dry. I left it on for around 10 minutes and could hardly move my mouth. When washing it off it went all nice and creamy again. After my face did feel really nice but it was crying out for moisture. Once I had applied my moisturiser my skin looked great! It was glowing and the next day my T-zone was defiantly less shiny.

If I was to use this again I would only apply to my T-zone area as I have combination skin so my other areas could use a different type of mask. If you would like to try this mask its available at

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent this mask for free for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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