Stress free School holidays

Yeah right! Like that was ever said in an honest sentence.

6 weeks. 43 days, 1032 hours of keeping the kids entertained! There’s been screaming, tantrums, lots of  “mum I’m bored” right after walking through the door from a fun day out. The house is a complete mess, I’m constantly tired and Kayden’s constantly hyper, but as they say, it’s all fun and games, right?

We are half way through the summer holidays already and I’m running out of ideas fast. We have visited all the local parks, enjoyed free days out which are further afield, paid through gritted teeth for over priced fun and then revisited the local parks. It’s hard as a childminder to keep everyone happy in the school holidays without spending all your income.

There is a fantastic website where you can search all the things to do near you. You can choose certain categories of days out, age suitable for your child, if you’re wanting to be indoors or outdoors (perfect when your planned day has been ruined by the British weather), I use this site often and it’s always being updated, check it out:

I found this free little gem the other year from this site, it doesn’t cost a penny!


Langold Lake Church St, Langold, Worksop S81 9QW


This year we have really dropped on with the weather. I remember last year we had a UK holiday booked a the end of June and it was pouring it down with rain the week before. I ended up postponing it at the last-minute to October and jetting off to Rhodes for a week.. This year we have had temperatures higher than Spain! This has made this year’s School holidays much easier and cheaper than some previous ones. I booked Monday’s off this year, as I’m a Childminder so its nice for me and Kayden to enjoy some time together just us, although I’m regretting this a little as he loves his friends being here to play with! Kayden has never been one to ‘role play’ by himself, he always needs someone at his side, which is quite hard work at times to get anything done. I guess it’s because he has grown up with children all around him. We have defiantly made the most of these Monday’s though! It’s nice to treat him to an ice cream when at the park, or a toy from the gift shop on a day out, as often he misses out on this when the other children are there as truthfully, it would cost a bomb!

It’s nice to just chill in the garden and enjoy the sun with one screaming kid, not 5! 🙂

Kayden has recently decided to take on the role of a teenager! We have introduce a reward chart to try to tackle this problem, so far so good (most of the time). I didn’t have enough time to order a proper chart, is was done out of desperation in the middle of a heated argument with Kayden. So he just has a laminated one-off the net and stickers from the back of a cupboard, but it does the job! When he gets all of his stickers on his chart, we happily skip off to Smyths toy shop and he is allowed £5 to spend on anything he wants. Thankfully it takes him about a month to get all his stickers or I’d be skint!. He is obsessed with bubbles at the minute so this has been his treat the last few times. I forgot how much fun bubbles are!


One of my favourite paid days out with all the kids is the Deep in Hull.  It is quite pricey to get in, however, you then get free entry for a whole year! If you buy online it’s £12.15 for adults and £10.35 for Children and under 3’s are free.

We have been twice this year and loved it both times. Each time has been different as they are always getting new sea life in and doing different talks throughout the day


The deep, Hull Tower St, Hull HU9 1TU

The best fail safe though, has got to be the local parks. They are free, fun and a short walk or drive away. As a childminder I am really fortunate to have Cusworth Hall just around the corner from me. We also have some fantastic parks including Bentley park, Sprotbrough park and lots of mini parks in between!

The winter months and dark nights will soon be upon us (Yey Christmas time!)

So enjoy the last 3 weeks of the school holidays, the beautiful weather and free local attractions. Try not to spend too much money, and remember, count to 10 when things don’t go quite to plan 🙂


4 thoughts on “Stress free School holidays

  1. I completely agree that it doesnt have to cost a lot to entertain the kids in the holidays (and loving that you said its almost winter – i adore it when the nights start to draw in!) lol

  2. I love this, you really don’t need to spend lots of money to have fun this summer. Although we are away lots of over the holidays, in the days we are at home we do lots of free activities together!

  3. It sounds as though you’re having a busy time in the holidays and the costs can mount up so it’s great if you can find ways to have fun for free. Hope the weather picks up again for the last couple of weeks.

  4. This year is flying by! If I am honest I am looking forward to the end of the holidays again as we are away. You are right with the weather though we have been very lucky. The deep sounds like a great day out and one for all year round x

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