The Day I Met Family I Never Knew I Had

On Sunday the 24th of November 2013, 12 days after giving birth to my son, I got sectioned under the mental health act for suffering with Postpartum Psychosis.

On Saturday the 24th of November 2018 I met a group of inspirational women, who had all experienced Postpartum Psychosis through the amazing charity Action on Postpartum Psychosis

Up until this year I had never met someone who had pp (postpartum Psychosis) except when I was in the mother and baby unit which was all a blur, making me feel quite alone at times.

It was so nice to meet a group of women who understood exactly what I had been through, hearing their experiences and seeing how far everyone had come.

This is only a small amount of women in the uk who have had postpartum psychosis, the charity support so many more each year.

There was a feeling of love, power and determination in the air the whole day along with lots of laughs and lots tears.

Every single woman there had the same goals. To break the stigma of mental illnesses, rise above the destruction and devastation postpartum psychosis brings, raise awareness of it and support other women who are struggling.

I feel so privileged to have met such amazing and strong women.


11 thoughts on “The Day I Met Family I Never Knew I Had

  1. How could I attend an event such as this? I too suffered from PP in 2016 and have to this day never met anyone else who has experienced the same condition. I would love to connect with others who have shared the same illness. I have messaged APP and signed up to their emails, and tried to call the helpline to ask how I can get involved and support others now that I’m fully recovered but I’ve heard nothing back and don’t seem to get invitations to these events? Any ideas welcome! Thanks!

    1. Hi Sophie, thanks for getting in touch. Where abouts are you in the UK? I was invited as i am becoming a voulenteer in the new years for them. Its great to meet other people who have had it too, you realise your not alone. If you let me know what area your from I.may be abke to get you intouch with someone local x

  2. I’m sorry you experienced that as I have only had PPD so I cannot imagine how hard it must have been but I am so happy you have met this lovely group of women who understand what you’ve been through. Hopefully, this can happen more in the future to support more women.

  3. I can’t imagine how lonely it must have felt to begin with for you. What a fantastic group you’ve found, you have all been through so much and can support each other x

  4. Aww, it sounds like you’ve found such a great group of people. It’s always good to meet people who have been through a similar situation to you so you feel more supported 🙂

    Louise x

  5. It is so lovely that you could meet other women who have been through the same as you through the charity! It’s brilliant when you recover from something so huge and see how far everyone has come

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry you went through this but how lovely that you were able to meet a group of such wonderful and supportive women. I hope having this group of new friends has helped you. More awareness of postpartum psychosis is definitely needed, we really don’t hear much about it at all xx

  7. It’s so heart warming to hear about you finding women who have been through similar and really understand what’s it like. It’s fantastic to see more people talking more openly about maternal mental health too x

  8. I love how people give support with Postpartum Psychosis. This is such an important topic that every mom needs to pay attention.

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